Demo selections from the new musical, The Yellow Stocking Play
Book by DW Gregory
Lyrics by Sarah Knapp & DW Gregory
Music by Steven M. Alper

Yellow Stockings
Because even a play-within-a-play needs an opening number.

Ode to Olivia #1
Duke Orsino tries to woo Lady Olivia with a song. Try again, Duke.

The Sea Chanty
A tragedy at sea, sung by the crusty Captain, with appearances by Viola and Sebastian.

Toby Belch
Toby Belch explains how things are, despite Malvolio's protestations.

How to Woo a Woman
Duke Orsino explains to Cesario (Viola in disguise, no diamonds). Orsino is delusional.

Willow Cabin
A love song, sung by Viola (disguised as Cesario) to Olivia.

O Mistress Mine
Words by William Shakespeare, Music by William Byrd, Defacement by Steven M. Alper. Feste makes noise.

Misery and Dejection
Orsino fears that Olivia will never come to love him. Or is it that Gropio, the actor portraying Orsino, is mourning his lost Flavia?

In Life Lost
Viola and Olivia sing to their drowned brothers of their love for Orsino and Cesario, respectively.

Yellow Stockings Reprise
Malvolio makes a fool of himself. The fool. (With apologies to Offenbach.)

A Little Chapel
Olivia and Sebastian (who isn't Viola in disguise) make wedding plans.

The Great Grand Mal
Feste, in disguise as a medical professional, attempts to convince Malvolio that he is insane.

Ode to Olivia #4
Orsino finally gets it right.